Wayback Scans


Basically we do two things: first, the digitizing of your your precious photos and videos preserves them before they fade away or become damaged.

Second (and perhaps more importantly) the digitizing process allows you to display your images in many creative ways: on DVD, the web, or as a book, just to name a few.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Preserving Your Memories

  1. Scan your photographs or other flat media up to 9x12 inches

  2. Scan your slides

  3. Create archive discs to safely save digital photo files

  4. Digitize video tape (VHS, Hi8, MiniDV; other types with your camera)

  5. Burn one-to-one copies of video tape to DVD (no editing)

  6. Digitize audio from LPs and cassette tapes

Presenting Your Memories

  1. Combine your video, stills and music to create a meaningful program about a certain event, person or memory onto a DVD

  2. Create a slide show from still images, set to music on DVD

  3. Record both types of the above programs onto a single DVD

  4. Create high quality hard or soft-cover books

Of course more than one video program or slideshow may be included on a single DVD

What We Do

Preserve and Present